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title pic Sara & Randy

Posted by admin on July 28, 2010

We had the pleasure of photographing Sara and Randy’s wedding. I have known Sara since highschool, and it was such a blessing to see her marry her best friend on her wedding day. We had such a great time too! Everyone in her wedding party, and the couple themselves were such a blast to work with.
It was the beginning of June, and the setting for the wedding was at La Vida Loca Winery in Indianola. The forecast said there could be rain, so everyone was a little worried, because it was an outdoor wedding. Thankfully, the rain didn’t start until the reception started, by then everyone was inside, and it didn’t last long. Thank you Sara and Randy for letting us capture your wedding memories!









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title pic Kassie & Ryan

Posted by admin on

May can be such a beautiful time for a wedding. On Kassie and Ryan’s wedding day, it was perfect! The sun was shining, the weather was nice, we couldn’t have asked for better photography weather! We had so much fun taking pictures for their wedding day. We took many pictures inside the church, and also did many outside as well. We actually traveled to a school yard nearby and found an open field, and it turned out to be the perfect spot!

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day!




DSC_0147 (3)






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title pic Todd and Emily

Posted by admin on July 8, 2010

We had the great honor of photographing Emily and Todd’s wedding back in April. The wedding was at the Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines. They were such a fun couple to work with! It was a fun day, and everyone was all smiles. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding day.









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title pic Heavenly Sent…

Posted by admin on

For awhile now, I have been wanting to start a “themed” photography session. I am still in the process of collecting a few more props, but I am ready to announce our first official themed session. I have not decided for certain on the name of the theme, but it will be Angel babies or children. I took a few quick shots of my daughters, and am going to post them here. I’d love some feedback to see what everyone thinks of this new theme. I am very excited about it, and can’t wait to start booking more appointments.

Here they are!


Sistery Love








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title pic Sunshine!

Posted by admin on April 13, 2010

With the long winter, it sure is nice to have the sun come out again! I can finally resume my outdoor picture taking! I absolutely love doing photography on location, engagement pictures, family pictures, weddings, you name it. Natural sunlight just warms up a picture!

I haven’t been quite so good at  blogging as I had hoped. I was hoping for at least one or two blogs a month, and needless to say that hasn’t happened! But, maybe I will improve!

Here are some of the more recent pictures we have taken at the studio.


This is my son. My sweet handsome little guy with the brightest eyes and smile! I just could take his picture all day every day. Here are a few of his one year pictures.






This is my sweet little niece. Her and my son are only two days apart, and we love watching them grow up together! She has the bluest eyes and the bright red curly hair! She could be a model, I’m quite certain! Here are a few of her one year pictures.





Abigail Lynn

This little girl brings so much joy wherever she goes! She says the funniest things, and always makes me laugh! Such a joy! Here are some recent pictures from her three year photography shoot.





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title pic Iowa Winters!

Posted by admin on February 17, 2010

Well Iowa, let it snow and snow, but I will find a way to keep on taking pictures!
As many of you know, our studio is out on a gravel road, thus with all the snow going on, makes it more difficult than normal to schedule portrait appointments, as road conditions can vary from day to day. When winter is over, I know we will all celebrate!  It’s definitely been a long one.
Regardless of the snow, we will always find a way to persevere and continue on!
Here are some pictures I have taken over the past few weeks.

Here is Anna! Such a fun little girl, with a little voice that makes me giggle every time I hear her talk. She is such a little doll.

In the tutu!



Black and white!

Here is Elena! She is such a sweet baby girl. I can’t get enough of taking her pictures! She has the brightest eyes that just seem to light up the room.




Here are some family pictures of Lindsey, Gage, and Laney! Such good picture takers!!





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title pic Happy New Year!

Posted by admin on January 10, 2010

Well it is a new year! Happy 2010! We hope everyone had a great holiday season, filled with lots of love and joy and tons of fun!

It has been way too long since my last blog post. One of my new years resolutions (one of many!) is to be a better blogger! So we shall see! At least twice a month I hope.

We took lots of fun Christmas pictures in November and December, and I thought even though the Christmas season may be over, those pictures were so cute I think better late than never! So here are a few of my favorite holiday shots.

Hoping you will be hearing from me a lot more this year!
Happy New Year!

Little Skylar!


How cute is that!

Close up on the handsome little fella!

Our Family Christmas Picture!

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title pic Jen and Josh!

Posted by admin on November 12, 2009

I had the opportunity to take family pictures for a friend of mine. We had a great day. The weather, well we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Little Layla just turned one, and she is a very busy little bee. It was definitely a challenge for her to stay in one spot! But, we got some awesome pictures! At one point everyone was even having a leaf fight and climbing trees. We were at Buxton Park in Indianola, a favorite spot of both mine and my husbands to take pictures. It’s a great park. They had fun climbing trees and even got into a leaf fight! How fun!!!

The Whole Family! 

Baby Kisses are the best!


So much fun!

Playing in the leaves!

Climbing the trees!

How sweet is that.

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title pic Fall pictures!

Posted by admin on

I have been promising to start a blog for EVER now, and today is the day I decided to actually DO IT! We have been very busy lately with weddings, senior pictures, and family pictures. Now is the perfect time for family pictures as everyone loves to send out a new one with their Christmas cards.
I am going to do as much blogging as I can get done so bear with me!

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title pic Introduction

Posted by admin on April 15, 2009

My name is Melissa and my husband is Darwin. We work together in one way or another on every photo shoot and every wedding. We have three beautiful children. Two daughters, who are five and one and a half, and our newest addition is our little boy, who was just born in January. We love our family life and most importantly we love serving God in everything we do. Capturing beauty in every day moments is something we truly enjoy. God’s love, grace, and beauty is all around, and we are so blessed to capture it the moment it takes place.

We are very honored you are thinking of us to be there for your next special event. No matter the event, we make a promise to put our best effort into every photography shoot and every wedding. We believe you will be more than pleased with your portraits. We are very flexible and easy to work with. Remember, this is about you. We want you and your family to have the most enjoyable experience you can.

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